Lite Subscription Package
Lite Subscription Package
Lite Subscription Package
Lite Subscription Package
Lite Subscription Package
Lite Subscription Package

Lite Subscription Package

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Great Savings. More Convenience. Maximum Comfort

It's tough enough being a parent, let us lighten your load and make life easier for you!

Save money, save space, most importantly, save the planet.

Unlike fast fashion companies, we promise to be a good company. All our pieces are made with only the finest Bamboo Lyocell, a more sustainable option that keeps your Little One – and the environment – as safe as can be. Each piece is made to last because we believe that quality beats quantity any day. In reality, it costs less and saves the planet too.

Our Lite Subscription Package Includes:
2 x Sleeveless Rompers
2 x Short Sleeve Rompers
1 x Long Sleeve Romper
1 x Bodysuit

Total: 6 pieces

- Subscription fees are pre-paid and non-refundable
- Subscription is only valid for 30 days upon receiving our items
- Once payment has been confirmed, subscription will begin on the subsequent Friday, excluding public holidays.
- Upon subscription, you will be assigned a personal care consultant to grow with your Little One
- As we only use gender-neutral colours, colour choices will be picked at random
- Preference of colours may be indicated but subjected to availability
- Products included in subscription packages may contain a mix of new and used items
- Every piece is properly washed, disinfected, and checked prior to delivery
- Delivery/Collection/Exchanges will be made on a Friday, at the end of the subscription period, with a buffer of 3 days, excluding public holidays
- Subscriptions are be renewed automatically

- Kindly check the condition of your items within 3 days of delivery
- Should there be any faults or sizing issues within 3 days of delivery, we will arrange for an exchange within a reasonable timeframe of our discretion
- After the first 3 days of delivery, the customer is responsible for any loss, destruction or damage to the products due to any reasons, other than normal wear and tear
- Normal wear and tear encompasses minor stains, rips, missing beads, stuck zippers or other minor damages
- If you return a Product that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you will be charged for the price for repairing or replacing the Product, as determined in our discretion, up to the Retail Value for the Product
- Always use a Bib when feeding to prevent stains
- For washing, please follow the care instructions printed on the care label

• Cool Iron
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not bleach
• Cold machine wash
• Dry in shade
• Wash inside out
• Do no dry clean

- There will not be additional charges for delivery fees
- Subscription is only valid for 30 days upon receiving our items
- Delivery/Collection/Exchanges will be made on a Friday, at the end of the subscription period, with a buffer of 3 days, excluding public holidays
- Upon subscription, customers will receive ALL their products on the subsequent Friday, excluding public holidays
- Upon cancellation, customers may continue to keep products you have already received, but you must return ALL the products at the end of the subscription period, as per our care consultant’s instructions
- Upon renewal, customers may choose to keep certain pieces which will be accounted for in their subsequent month’s quota (at care consultant’s discretion)
- If we don’t receive your item/s on time, you will be charged up to the full retail price of the item/s. You will not be entitled to any refund of subscription fees

Changes To & Termination of Subscription
We reserve the right to modify (including the subscription fee) or terminate your subscription at our sole discretion. If we terminate your subscription, we will provide you with, as determined in our sole discretion, either (a) a prorated refund for the remainder of your current applicable subscription, or (b) continued access for the remainder of that applicable period, in accordance with these Terms. However, we will not give any refund for termination related to conduct that, in our discretion, violates any terms set out in these Terms or any applicable law. If we choose to provide you with continued access for the remainder of that applicable period of your subscription, you will continue to have access during that period, except that we will not send you any Products until end of that period. Prior to the end of that period (or, if we do not provide you with continued access, immediately upon our termination of your subscription), you must also return to Chua Establishment Private Limited all Products you have received.

Failure to Pay Fees
We reserve the right to pursue any amounts you fail to pay in accordance with these Terms.

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World's First

Premium Bamboo Lyocell

Our Little Ones deserve the very best. Here at Little Lads & Lasses, we make clothes so soft, you will want them for yourself.

About Us

Why Bamboo Lyocell?

This material quickly wicks away moisture that could lead to uncomfortable rashes. It easily absorbs up to three times as much moisture than its weight while remaining breathable and soft. Even the highest quality organic cotton cannot say the same!

Say goodbye to those nasty smells. Bamboo lyocell is completely odour-free thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. This helps you keep your little one’s outfits feeling and smelling fresh all day long.

There are few things as sensitive as a new-born’s skin, which means that you need to choose your clothing materials with the utmost care. Little Lads and Lasses makes sure that your little one can play, snooze, and explore in complete comfort. Bamboo lyocell is hypoallergenic, made from organic, non-toxic materials, and is free from itchy fibers or spurs.

One of the distinct characteristics of our Little Lads and Lasses bamboo range is that our clothing shines in the sunlight, giving it a luxurious appearance. This is because of the structure of the bamboo fibres. It also doubles as UV protection while your little one enjoys time outside.

Don’t bother with constantly changing your baby in and out of warm and cool outfits. Thanks to micro-gaps in the fabric, bamboo lyocell is incredibly insulating, which means that it keeps the heat at bay in the warmer seasons but keeps your baby snug in the chillier months.

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