What Every Newborn Parent Should Know About Bamboo Cotton.

How Little Lads and Lasses Is Changing the World, One Outfit at A Time

As a new parent, you’re constantly overwhelmed by different options when it comes to choosing the best products, nappies, formula, and more for your little one. Little Lads and Lasses is here to make finding the perfect clothes for your new-born that much simpler.

That’s because every item in our store is made from the highest quality bamboo lyocell. Here’s what you need to know about how we keep little bums around the world comfortable, dry, and soft every day.

What Is Bamboo Lyocell?

We all know that bamboo is famous for its sustainable and eco-friendly uses in clothing. Bamboo cotton is soft, breathable, and environmentally friendly. But not all bamboo cottons are created equal. Bamboo rayon and bamboo viscose are two different lower forms of bamboo cotton that aren’t actually that sustainable.

Our new-born clothes are only made from the finest bamboo lyocell, a more sustainable option that keeps the environment – and your little one – as safe as can be. Not only does this bamboo material use much less water during the production process, but it also produces less harmful waste that might have gone back into the environment.

The Benefits of Using Bamboo Lyocell

Keep That Bum Dry for Longer

This material quickly wicks away moisture that could lead to uncomfortable rashes. It easily absorbs up to three times as much moisture than its weight while remaining breathable and soft. Even the highest quality organic cotton cannot say the same!

Fresh Forever

Say goodbye to those nasty smells. Bamboo lyocell is completely odour-free thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. This helps you keep your little one’s outfits feeling and smelling fresh all day long.

Silky Soft

There are few things as sensitive as a new-born’s skin, which means that you need to choose your clothing materials with the utmost care. Little Lads and Lasses makes sure that your little one can play, snooze, and explore in complete comfort. Bamboo lyocell is hypoallergenic, made from organic, non-toxic materials, and is free from itchy fibres or spurs.

Ready for Fun in the Sun

One of the distinct characteristics of our Little Lads and Lasses bamboo range is that our clothing shines in the sunlight. This is because of the structure of the bamboo fibres. It also doubles as UV protection while your little one enjoys time outside.

Perfect for Any Season

Don’t bother with constantly changing your baby in and out of warm and cool outfits. Thanks to micro-gaps in the fabric, bamboo lyocell is incredibly insulating, which means that it keeps the heat at bay in the warmer seasons, but keeps your baby snug in the chillier months.


Only the Best for our Little Ones

To us, it is about more than making comfy clothing. It’s about ensuring the very best for the little person you love most in this world. Help us share our message of compassion and sustainability with the world.

For more information, we warmly welcome you to join our community on Facebook (@littlelnl) and Instagram (@littleladsandlasses), or simply browse our store today (www.littlelnl.com)!

Always do good,

Aloysius & Kate


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